Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I can't believe it....I am in Love...

A few weeks ago Me and Drew went to the Clyde for Happy Hour. It was the first time I have went to J. Clydes in over 2 months other than stopping in for a drink to say hi to Thomas a few weeks back.

We have a new brewery in town called Good People. I first had their beer at Brewfest. I am very much a fan of GP beer, especially because it is local and good. I have had and enjoyed their standard brews the Good People Brown and Pale Ale.

Then this fateful day I walked up to the bar and looked at the new Beer List. On it was two new beers from Good People. One that I will never forget. Good People Oatmeal Coffee Stout... There are two things I really love in life Bacon and Black Coffee. This new beer is just like the best of beer and black coffee combined. I was instantly in heaven.

There are a lot of beers I like a lot such as Tanner Jack, New Castle, YeungLing, Blue Moon Summer honey Ale, Guinness, Boddingtons, Harp etc...etc... But this is the first beer I truly loved. The coffee and beer flavor perfectly compliments each other. It is a stout beer not as heavy as Guinness but you can't have more than few otherwise you will be full (at least I will).

The only other person who shares this love for this beer with me is one of the bartenders at the J Clyde another black coffee fan. What is bittersweet is the one person I know that would truly appreciate this beer as much as me is now living in Ohio...but next time Mr. Pihakis is in town the Clyde must be revisited.

The only bad thing about my new love is I can't enjoy it at home. Good People hasn't started bottling their beer yet. It is only sold as draught beer at a few bars in town J Clyde, Rojo, Highlands, and On Tap. It is also usually around $5 a beer, which is why I only drink it on Tuesday or Thursday at the J Clyde when all beer is half off. I've actually though of buying an kegarator or old fridge so I could have a keg of it at the house, but that would be a very costly idea espically with my current roommate who would probably empty the keg in a few days(without giving me a cent).

So alas back to the Clyde to enjoy my true love...Good People Oatmeal Stout Coffee Beer...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Twin Peaks and Office Space

Ok these things have nothing in common at all. I didn’t get to watch Twin Peaks when it aired in the late 80's/early 90's. My roommate Brandon kept insisting I watch it and got a burned copy from a friend. I haven’t finished it yet due to a busy schedule, but without a doubt it is the best show from that time period and one of the best shows ever. I am almost midway into season 2. I like Lynch a lot (the director and creator of Twin Peaks). This show might be his best work in my humble opinion. So if you haven’t seen it check it out. If you have wait till I finish and we can discuss the craziness that is Twin Peaks. Seriously, wow what a series.

On to Office Space. I love this movie. Working a office job it rings a bit more true for me. I haven’t watched it in at least a couple years and the HBO is showing it so I caught it the other day. I haven’t laughed so hard at a movie I had already seen in a long time. I was in a good mood (no alcohol involved) anyways, so it made it all the better. I love those movies that when you catch them at the right time they are just plain awesome. So I was on the facebook and Kyle (Columnist for the Bham Weekly, his column "War on Dumb") posted a faux Office Space Preview and it was all sorts of awesome.
Check it.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Long Time No Blog

Ive been busy of late. This summer has been a very social summer. Since taking a break from running due to a nagging injury in May and many nights drinking heavy beers at the Clyde, I somehow gained 20+ pounds this summer. I won't be quitting the drinking but I am back running. I have also quit smoking for the billionth time. This time Imma pretty sure it is going to take. I quit for about 6 weeks earlier this year. This has been the hardest quit yet. So far so good I am on day 4.

The past few months have been fun from SaLe and Jim's wedding to seeing some off my all time favorites for the first time Tom Waits, Flaming Lips and Levon Helm. A lot of other good times have been had. I also finally have a car I can trust to leave town and have a/c and a stereo. My most recent rediscovery is NPR. I forgot how much I love the NPR. The summer has been good only thing missing is a new job, a new scene and a romance.

As far as romance is concerned I am finally reaching a point in my life where I think I can be content with no one. It is one of hardest things I struggle with, but accepting it is the only way to get past it. As 30 hit I have come to realize I must mature more in my life. I am debating taking the GMAT and grad school, trying to figure out my best route careerwise. Someone new has been pushing me to become more and find a better path, which is encouraging.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Imma so over 30

Well the milestone of 30 has come and gone. People always ask you do you feel older. I've got one of those old souls maybe it is from spending so much time talking with adults about ideals as a kid or being an older brother to 3 siblings and always worrying that they are ok. So yes I do feel old. The new saying is the 30's are the new 20's. I do not believe that is correct at all. I feel very unaccomplished at 30, but am trying to start remedy the situation.

So anyways onto the celebration. Wednesday night was my last night as a 20something. So I went to the Garage and hung out with Alice Carey and Jim Phay. Sarah Heath stopped by for a moment also. It was quite a drunky night, Mr Phay had to drive me home.

Thursday My 30th birthday, I walked down to the bar and picked up my car. I finally watched There Will Be Blood for a second time. I made myself a steak then went to the Speakeasy for a few drinks before going to J Clydes. Met up with Justin and Brian at the Speakeasy, which is now rocking the all Beers $2 after 8 on Thursday night. Natty Woohoo and Alice were also up at the Speakeasy. So after a few drinks I drove to J Clydes and spent the rest of the night drinking beers with my free the hops buddy Tom and his friends.

Friday night was the officially end of our youth celebration with Courtney whose birthday is also July 17th. It was the end of youth celebration cause I turned 30 and Courtney is pregnant. During the day I went to that new Batman movie. It was pretty good. Lane (Courtney's husband) texts me and asks for a ride to the Cantina. The plan was to go up there around 7 and have drinks then Courtney would join around 8:30 for dinner. So me and Lane arrive a little after 7 and get two tables. We sit have a bucket of beers and food and wait. No one shows up until around 8:30 at which point me and Lane gave up our two tables inside and went outside at one table. Drew G. shows up followed by Courtney and her friend Mandy. Jenni Mac then calls says she can't find the place and is bringing her crazy old drunk friend Teri.
Shortly after Jenni and Teri show up Mandy leaves. Cantina had stopped serving food by the time Jenni showed up with Teri. So after we finished our drinks we went to Rojo hoping they were still serving food. They weren't but we stayed there drinking till closing time. It was a fun night and Teri was quite entertaining. I was glad Jenni showed up have not seen her in too long. Overall it was a very fun birthday.

Drew getting attacked by drunk Teri at Rojo

Lane and Drew at Rojo

Courtney and Mandy (not Drew's Mandy) at Cantina

The Future Parents Courtney and Lane at Rojo

Drew and Jenni Mac at Rojo

Me and the crazy Teri at Rojo

Me and Drew late night at Rojo

Me and Jenni Mac at Cantina

Me and Jenni Mac at Cantina

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gaff for a laff

It is so sad to hear about me pal Leah's Lux loss. Losing a pet is very hard. Especially one you rely on to be there while you are alone or sad.

So here are a couple Gaffigan quotes to cheer her up. (will add some video clips later)

"You ever walk behind someone walking so slow you have to hold yourself back from stabbing them? '...You better move it along, huh. My walker has wheels for a reason."
You ever walk next to that stranger who wants to walk the same speed as you? '...Get the fuck away from me... what are we--on a date here? I don't even know you.'
Sometimes I find myself being a weirdo... you ever been walking next to some stranger and for no reason at all you decide that if you beat them to the corner, you'll be a millionaire? They're like, 'whatever'. HAHA! I get to press the walk button for you! ... You think those walk buttons do anything? I think some guy at the government was like, 'What can we give the morons to press? How bout a button!?' You always press 'em, you're like, '...maybe I didn't press it hard enough...' Then someone will come up and be like, 'Did you press it?' --'Yeah, I pressed it.' They're like, 'Why don't you press it again?'--'You're like, 'Yeah I'll press it again.' Then at that point it changes and you're like, 'I did that. I changed the traffic in the city... I have a lot of power.
' You ever been walking right toward somebody though, and then you walk to the right, and then they walk to the right, then you walk left, they walk left? You know how there's like that awkward moment? ...Just lean forward and kiss 'em. '....looked like you wanted it from my angle.' Then when they're walking away just hit 'em on the ass. (Pshhh) 'You'll be back! You'll be back for some of that loving.''

"I love the movie previews... you know... Why is it whenever you're watching a movie preview you always feel like you have to comment on it to the person you're with? 'Yeah... I'm not gonna see that movie. I'm gonna wait for that on VIDEO.' I mean when you think about it, it's just a commercial for the movie. You know, you never sit at home watching tv-- "Yeah... I'm not buying that cereal. I don't like cereals with raisins in 'em. ...What's your take on that commercial? Where you goin'?"

"I love the impatience of New York... You ever had somebody not-ask you for directions, but demand them? You're just innocently walking down the street, you hear a horn, all of a sudden some guy's like, 'HOLLAND TUNNEL!!!' ...You know like you were supposed to fax this guy directions. Suddenly, you're wasting HIS time. 'Let's go buddy! Holland tunnel!' '...Uh..I-I was just going to the store... I didn't realize it was my shift. Well, let's see... the Holland Tunnel is in my ass...


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Birmingham Beatles day a week away

I was questioned why July 9th is Birmingham Beatles Day? I looked for a date coming up soon when I thought certain people would still be in town and most likely be free. Also July 10th is the first Beatles Day in Liverpool. So by 6 pm Birmingham Time on July 9th, it will be midnight July 10th in Liverpool UK. Lastly my last name is Saturday, so I totally live by some unwritten rule that allows me to declare new awesome holidays. So July 9th from 6pm(you can actually come as early as 5:30 or whenever) until we are Beatled out at my place we celebrate Birmingham Beatles Day.

A couple quick Beatles favorites

Favorite Beatles
1. John
2. George
3. Paul
4. Ringo

Favorite Beatles Side Project
Traveling Wilburys

Favorite Beatles Album today(it changes)
The White Album

Beatles trivia Question of the day.

What Year and in which city did a DJ report on citizens in his city burning Beatles records after John said "We are more popular than Jesus now"?

Time Travel is possible

The scientists may still be working on a formula and vehicle that can take us to the future, but we can still go "Back in Time" thanks to memories of the past.

I'd slipped in a musicless funk for quite a long time. Though I continued to go to shows on occasion. Less and less music was in my life. No new album or band had excited me or even got my attention. There are so many other media choices, I started to contemplate quitting music. People weren't happy with this idea but I was. Not having a stereo in my car and only using my computer to listen to music made it even simpler to attempt.

Musiclessness was impossible in my case, yet I did slip away from a lot of it only sticking with the bands I truly loved (the Band, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, etc). A couple weeks ago, a new car entered my life and with it a cd player for my travels. The first time in a long time where I am actually listening to CDs. Finding my CDs are nearly impossible cause all the music I have been listening to was via my Itunes.

Athens called my name as soon as the new vehicle arrived in my life. On my way out the door heading to Athfest and to see my ole friend Jef, I grab my old cd visor loaded with CDs. These CDs were what I was listening to 3 summers ago when I had the Accord for half a month (which had a cd player). After driving around listening to these CDs, the nostalgia of that summer have come flooding back. It was my first summer in the Birmingham. I spent a lot of the summer up on the Ocoee hanging with my brother and sister who were raft guides on the Ocoee. One cd was by far the official cd of the river guides (at least my younger brother & co) Good News for People Who Love Bad News. This extra poppy Modest Mouse album has been in my cd player for the last week just evoking the good memories of a strange summer full of good and bad. It is strange that I have been only focusing on the good from that summer, me usually having the bad habit of only holding onto the dark memories. That summer was the summer of heartbreak, fights and madness at times, but the river, fun times with the siblings, getting to know the ham again and the last love in my life are memories imma trying not to forget.

So time travel was possible and good times can't be forgotten is the lesson of the day for me. Blog will now end with a song that has been with me for a long time. The ending lyrics of this song always strike true, probably why I could never leave rock and roll.

Sunken Treasure

There's rows and rows of houses
With windows painted blue
With the light from a TV
Running parallel to you
But there is no sunken treasure
Rumored to be
Wrapped inside my ribs
In a sea black with ink
I am so
Out of tune
With you
I am so out of tune
With you
If I had a mountain
I'd try to fold it over
If I had a boat (probably roll over)
You know I'd probably roll over (leave it on the shore)
And I leave it on the shore (leave it for somebody)
I'd leave it for somebody
Surely there's somebody
Who needs it more than me
I am so
Out of tune
With you
I am so out of tune
With you
For all the leaves will burn
In autumn fires and then return
For all the fires we burn
All will return
Music is my savior
I was maimed by rock and roll
I was maimed by rock and roll
I was tamed by rock and roll
I got my name from rock and roll